Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Year

In honor of filling my journal with almost an exact year of hard, beautiful, liberating life (my first entry was June 25 of 2012, my last was July 11 of 2013) here are a few of my favorite pages. Most of them have flowers on them.

Poppy petals from the California poppies in the yard

This is the page where I hedged around describing my first kiss (I promised I would never write about it as long as we were in the closet. Yeah. We were paranoid and had issues)

Maple leaves from the trail between dorms at Corban University

A list of "what ifs" about God. What if God is a woman?

A daisy from Point Defiance

My favorite mandala, I doodle a lot of them

The first draft of "Subtle Murders"

Souvenirs of a trip to California to see my brothers!

My dad taught me all about plants. He brought me these pressed flowers he picked in China as a gift.

Just some doodles

Rose petals from the arbor at Point Defiance.

So there it is, a pictorial homage to the last year. I turn twenty-two tomorrow, and in many ways it feels like twenty-two will be the first year of my life. I tried to be someone I wasn't for so long, and now I'm free. Liberation is a glorious thing.

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