Friday, June 21, 2013


There is an enoughness to being that satisfies me. I do not need heaven, I do not need hell, now is enough. I am content, friend, to breathe this clean air. 

There is a completeness to existence that makes me whole by virtue of being alive. My heart beats, I am here, and that is enough.

When I meet your eyes, whoever you are, I am made real by your realization of me. You are made real to me, and though we might not speak one word to each other, we have shared a moment of reality. I see you, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, grey. I see you. See me.

The world is us, and we are the world. Life flows from one to another. Perhaps, like energy, life is never created or destroyed, it merely changes form, as the sun gives life to the grass, as the parent pours life into the child, as lover pours life into lover and friend into friend. We are motion, we are each other, and we are uniquely ourselves. We are enough.

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