Saturday, March 9, 2013


Yesterday was great. The sun came out, which in the Pacific Northwest in March is sort of a big deal. We had some adventures, we laughed, we cried, we ate strawberries and drank chilled mint tea in the park.

Sometimes, when life is really hard, it feels like you're shipwrecked in the dark. No matter how dark it gets though, there are always islands of light. I'm learning, slowly but surely, to trust the light. To trust God. To trust love.

I've been abandoned before, I've been let down and I've given my heart away to people who could never return my love (haven't we all?). It can  be hard to trust--even somebody I love and who loves me back--but I'm learning.

This whole coming out experience, keeping love alive under fire, dealing with hate and homophobia, learning to trust, learning to forgive, learning to let go of what I can't control-- it feels like I'm stumbling from one small island of light to the next. As time goes on and people come to accept us, the shadows will be fewer and further between, and for now I'll hold on to what I can.

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